5 Minutes with a Vessel Management Guru


Vessel management is a hot topic within many boating groups, affecting all types of vessels both power and wind.

With just over a week to go before the Festival of Boating, R Marine Crawley invites you to join us on the stand and speak with our resident guru Greg Stroud about your vessel management needs.

To get the ball rolling and to better educate our Riviera family, R Marine Crawley decided to sit with Greg and fire a few questions at him in regards to; basic awareness and management tips that everyone can do, to get the best from their floating pride and joy.

Greg; what are the most commonly asked questions regarding vessel management?

Greg explains: “Two frequently asked questions from many of our customers are; how often should the external surfaces be cut and waxed to ensure maximum protection of my vessel and what’s the best preventative engineering maintenance?”

“Lack of use is the biggest killer for most vessels and their systems. Many people I’ve spoken to, admitted to having a false sense of security thinking that if they aren’t using the vessel, it’s not wearing it out.”

“Regular cut and wax/polish programmes along with a personalised engineering maintenance checklist are the first things to consider when creating your vessels, ongoing plan.”

If enhancing your boating enjoyment is what you’re looking for, then visit the R Marine Crawley team at the 6th Annual Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating next weekend and chat with Greg and the team.


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