Informative Evening Under The Stars

Another successful, fully booked event with the R Marine Crawley Family 

Photo credit: Chris Percy

Hosted atop of the famed Southport Yacht Club floating Waterscape pontoon, the team from R Marine Crawley welcomed their Riviera family and industry friends for an informative evening filled with marine tips and tricks.

The on-water setting couldn’t have been more perfect. R Marine Crawley’s Operations Manager Tiffany English started discussions, expressing the team’s great pleasure in delivering these free events for their RMC Family.

“These evenings are designed to educate our RMC Family and help grow their on-water confidence. We had tremendous feedback from our last event and we have come back this evening to build on its successes with this beautiful venue and great topics to share.” Said, Miss English.

Greg, Jason and Southport Yacht Club’s Sous Chef Grant Dasecke, covered a broad range of topics from passage planning, IPS Systems and of course not to mention the fantastic ‘Galley Wise’ cooking segment.

Many people underestimate the importance of passage planning, Greg Stroud, R Marine Crawley’s Client Relationship Manager said, “knowing what the weather is doing is key when passage planning.”

“Weight, water and wind forces are important aspects to consider when attempting to go beyond the safety of the Broadwater and extended bays.”

As an example of what can happen if the planning process is overlooked, Greg used the 2007 grounding of the MV Pasha Bulker as an example.

“After the ship’s captain decided to heed the warnings for the onset of bad weather, the Pasha Bulker ran aground on Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle.” Mr Stroud continued.

“There were 56 ships at anchor the evening before the grounding occurred. At 0700 the next morning nine vessels were left after the bulk of the fleet listened to local warnings to move further offshore, to escape the impending bad weather”.

“Of the nine, one ran a ground, and two others called through for emergency assistance.” Said, Mr Stroud.

Closing with a strong positive message, Greg channelled the importance of location awareness, vessel management and safety.


Grant didn’t disappoint with his simple yet fantastic ‘Galley Wise’ cooking demonstration. His flavour filled Chicken Stir Fry, and Crispy Grilled Barramundi Fillet dishes proved to be crowd pleasers with owners loving their tasting platters.

“I’ve never thought about cooking noodles on the barbeque before, it really is a great idea! I love to cook, and I’ve not tried this combination, I’m excited to try this next time we are out on the boat”. Said one of the guests.

Jason Kowalski, one of R Marine Crawley’s Luxury Boat Brokers, discussed the advantages of Volvo Penta IPS systems.

“Volvo Penta’s IPS system has many proven benefits.” Said, Mr Kowalski.

“This is one of the most environmentally sound inboard propulsion systems, with a range of benefits from 40% longer cruising range, 30% reduced fuel consumption, 50% lower perceived noise levels and joystick docking capabilities.”

Mr Max Hume confirmed the facts of the discussion suggesting after previously owning Riviera Shaft Drive boats and now having the IPS system on his 4400 Sport Yacht, he could see the benefits.

“I couldn’t believe how economical my system was.” Said, Mr Hume.

Concluding yet another successful evening, Michael Donnan, R Marine Crawley’s youngest Luxury Boat Broker, encourage guests to join the team for their upcoming Winter Boating Getaway.

“We want to give you the confidence on your boat and coming along to our Winter Boating Weekend is a great way to do so.”

“Join us on the water for a cheese platterathon, talk to like minded Riviera owners and enjoy the Riviera lifestyle.” Said, Mr Donnan.

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If you’re interested in registering for the next event, R Marine Crawley will be running another Marine Tips and Tricks evening on August 25th, 2017. Spots do fill fast so register your details below to book your seat.