Ladies – do you want to skipper a boat confidently ahead of this boating season?

Register now to attend the Lady Skipper Program hosted by R Marine Crawley and on water expert, Karla Herbert-Evans.

Held on the beautiful Gold Coast waters, R Marine Crawley invite you to join the RMC Lady Skipper Program. The course is specifically tailor made to suit female skippers, answer all questions and provide on water experience. After the program, ladies will walk away more confident at skippering their own vessels.

Karla’s extensive 27 years’ sea time experience along with 10 years running courses for Nautical Training and Marine Services makes this program invaluable.

This educational, informative and fun program is a wonderful day out on the water that is essential to every boating couple.

The captain and crew go hand in hand – the more crew with seafaring education, the better the equilibrium of the vessel and the more enjoyable the voyage.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Can I use my champagne glass as a navigational tool?

“Well, yes ladies, you can! By positioning your glass in alignment with another boat on the horizon, you can identify a relative bearing to your vessel. Maintain a proper lookout and if that boats bearing does not appreciably change, you have deemed a risk of collision exists!” said Karla.

The aim is to give ladies nautical skills and knowledge, building confidence from the dock to the bridge. The benefit of training with other women is to learn from each other’s experience in a comfortable environment. Everyone is encouraged to get their hands on the helm and practice to build their level of confidence.

“It’s a fun day on the water to upskill and share boating experiences with likeminded women”.

Ladies will learn assessment of the prevailing conditions, basic navigation, line positioning, vessel characteristics, vessel maneuvering and anchoring procedures.

To find new oceans one must have the courage to lose sight of the shore!”

Register now for the August Lady Skipper Program –  25 August 2017

Register now for the November Lady Skipper Program – 24 November 2017.