Riviera 43 Open Flybridge

A boat must be able these days to also be the consummate entertaining vessel; the ultimate passage maker; the total family getaway; even the perfect home away from home, to afford extended living aboard, without pining for any shoreside comforts.

The Riviera 43 Open Flybridge is powered by the Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS). Quite simply, our experience with IPS convinces us of its quantum benefits, now proven over many years and tens of thousands of sea miles. We’ve seen the future, and it faces forward.

One of the huge benefits of IPS is that it is just so compact and flexible. Unlike shaft drives that demand engines be placed right in the centre of the most valuable real estate on the boat, these powerplants can be positioned fully aft.

This immediately opens up huge possibilities for guest accommodations which, on the Riviera 43 Open Flybridge, can now dominate amidships, extend beam to beam, and offer the possibility of up to four additional berths; a generosity of accommodation previously only attained on much larger vessels.

Instead of dividing the space into a number of small, less-connected areas, we’ve brought them all together into a unified, flowing, single-level lifestyle space that runs, unimpeded, from swim platform to windscreen.


Should you choose the Riviera 43 Open Flybridge as your next boat, you would be choosing a boat that itself has been chosen – to lead the Riviera Flybridge lineage into the future.

All hands on deck, and hull, and interior

For all the automation, the construction process also relies heavily on human eye and hand; not just for flawless finishing detail, but for the very hull itself.

Each hull and deck starts with a hand lay-up over structural core materials to attain a particular Riviera hallmark: that stable, solid feel in a seaway.

A huge talent pool of artisans, craftsmen, engineers and designers lend their hands to luxurious and practical interiors too.

American cherry timber facings, meticulously varnished with a minimum of six tough coats of polyurethane, are hand-sanded and inspected between each coat.

But even the most ingrained wood lover can have too much timber. So glossy swathes of cherrywood are alternated with stretches of leather or soft-touch designer fabrics, to deaden sound and add plushness.

Sharp edges that could threaten an elbow or shin are designed out. And no wood panel abuts another, instead are interspersed with fabric panels to enhance sound insulation.

A constant surprise in every detail

The main bed in the guest stateroom — whether a double or two joinable singles — can slide to one side on hidden rails to make bed-making easier.

The very versatile folding saloon table which can be a low coffee or cocktail table (or bed base) or high dining table, folds in half precisely, to prevent telltale fading or shadowing which UV rays can imprint on dress timbers.

Throughout, all drawers glide silently on soft-close dampeners.

Beneath the hull, IPS pods actually serve as a highly efficient venturi, to dissipate the underwater exhausts, so fumes don’t follow when running downwind, trolling, or idling through a marina.

The Riviera 43 Open Flybridge easily gulps fresh engine air and extracts heat exhaust via vents so stylishly embodied into the hull flanks as to seem pure design elements.

Their integrated rows of tightly-spaced ‘gills’— water-vane separators — condense and collect moisture from the air as it courses into the engine bay, draining it overboard.

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14.46 m (47′ 5″)
4.57 m (15′ 0″)
340 nm @ 24.5 knt
1.13 m (3′ 8″)
Standard Engine x 2
320 kW (435 hp)
Sleeping Capacity
6 persons
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