Packing it all up after a great long weekend

Many boat owners fail to do a post-trip boat check – here are some quick pointers to save you from potentially costly future problems.

  • A full wash down of the vessel is a must – make sure you thoroughly wash the hull and all superstructures to ensure no salt residue is left on stainless or GRP surfaces.
  • Chamois of stainless and windows will keep your gear looking fresh and reduce any staining from salt or tap water residue.
  • If you’ve used your tender; ensure that your motors are flushed with fresh water – salt water is any boat’s worst enemy.
  • Ensure bilges are dry with no leaks and test all are operational, ready for your next journey.
  • Check for leaks around the shaft and rudder glands or sea valves.
  • Check to make sure there are no oil or fuel leaks present in the engine room.
  • Check that all your safety equipment is still in date, in safe and usable condition and stowed away in a dry place for the next trip.
  • Ensure that all boat covers are secure.

With the above said, we understand that not everyone has time on their side. While it’s our goal to enhance your boating enjoyment by sharing tips from marine industry experts, we want to make owning a vessel easy.

For our busier families, R Marine Crawley offers a Maintenance Package, developed for those of you wanting that hop-on-hop-off service.

Nick Westh R Marine Crawley’s Warranty Manager running a few service checks on a vessel.

Greg Stroud, R Marine Crawley’s Client Relationship Manager said,

“The main reason for failure of most vessels’ equipment is not over use, but more the lack of use. Ultimately running all the equipment on a regular basis will save considerable money and avoid the inconvenience of items not working once the vessel is out of storage and back in operation.”

R Marine Crawley understands that all vessels are unique and that’s why the Service Department work with you on the development of a Service Package suited to your vessel.

Looking after vessels all over Queensland, R Marine Crawley has office locations both at Runaway Bay and in the Whitsundays.

You can book your vessel for a service now.

If this is something that you’re interested in or you would simply like to chat with our in-house team, contact R Marine Crawley on 

07 5529 5007 or email for more information.